Crafts by Cheri

Crafts by Cheri

Crafts by Cheri Newborn or Reborn Baby Doll Crochet Romper Set                                                      

 Crafts By Cheri Original Crochet Newborn Baby or Reborn Baby Romper Set

3 Piece Romper Set-1 piece Romper, Bonnet, and Sandals

Newborn to 3 month size 

Choice of colors:



Blue/white romper set has sold.  


 This romper set is handmade by me from an original pattern I designed.

 It is made from 100% crochet cotton thread.  The romper has a white

bodice and blue bottom.  The romper has a white satin ribbon tie around

the waist and has blue appliqués sewn on the bodice   There is a 3 button

closure down the back.  

The matching hat is white with blue edging and a white satin ribbon tie

making it adjustable.  It has blue appliqué sewn on the brim.

The white sandals have blue trim around the cuff and the sole.  They have

white satin ribbon ties.



The pink set is the same as the blue set above except in white/pink.  It

has matching pink appliqués on the bodice, hat, and booties.  

It is also made of 100% crochet cotton thread. 

Pink/white romper set is sold.  





 The white/green set is made from from crochet thread that is 68% acrylic

and 32% polyester with a slight shine through it.  The romper has a white

satin ribbon through the bodice and has a hand embroidered bow on the

bodice.  The sandal booties are green with white trim and a white satin


Green romper set has sold.