Crafts by Cheri

Crafts by Cheri

Crochet sets for 14-16 inch dolls

I recently finished up a new set for sale. 

The set is made out of 100% crochet cotton thread.  It fits a 14-16 inch doll and the set consists of a hat, sweater, bloomer pants, and booties.  


Item #113 

 The sweater is black with 3 black buttons down the front.  The sweater measures 7 inches around the neckline and is 6 from neck to hem.  The sleeves are 4.5 inches around and are 3.75 from neck to sleeve hem.  


 The hat is white with black ears and a black satin ribbon tie.  The hat measures 11.5 inches around the face and measures 8 inches from back to front.  There are 2 little panda ears on the hat.

 There is a pair of white bloomer with a small black tail on the back side.  Pants have elastic around the waist.  They measure 12 inches around the waist.  The legs are 5 inches around the opening and measure 5.25 inches from the waist to hem of legs.  Between the legs measure 2 inches wide.  


The booties are black with black satin ribbon ties.  Booties measure 2.75 inches along sole and are 1.75 inches high in back.